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"Since it’s conception 29 years ago, the Broken HIll & District Hearing Resource Centre continues to be a vital necessity for the hearing impaired

people in Broken Hill and surrounding area.  Ensuring the hearing impaired and those seeking advice on their particular hearing problems are catered

for in every posssible way, and in particular it is valuable for the elderly and financially disadvantaged people so that they do not have to travel

kilometres for advice, hearing assessments or minor repairs to hearing aids. The city is well served with courteous and helpful staff and volunteers at

the Centre. I cannot speak highly enough of the services and benefits given to the public in the hearing impaired field by the Broken Hill & District hearing Resource Centre."

- Val Baxter




“For many years I have found the Hearing Resource Centre to be a great backup to my hearing service provider. I have gained more knowledge regarding my hearing loss, my hearing aids have been mended over the years, when it was necessary, when my service provider was not avaible.

The Hearing Centre is accessable daily. The staff and volunteers have a great understanding not only of people with a hearing loss but all people with a disability.”

- Harold Yourn



"Since 1999, the Broken Hill Hearing Centre has helped my father continuously, not only with information on hearing loss but with ongoing support. Help was provided not only through maintenance of his hearing aids, cleaning and re-tubing etc., but through information given to help dad understand the options that were available to him that could make his life easier.

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the continued support over the years given by the staff and volunteers of the Broken Hill & District Hearing Centre, they are always friendly and passionate about improving a person’s lifestyle when it comes to hearing loss, I could not ask for better service that has been provided over the years to my father and myself."

- Margaret Price

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