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 Your membership and support is vital to ensuring the continuity of our Scholarship.




              Membership of the Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship Inc.


Our Membership

Members are invited to be involved in our internal policy, planning and

evaluation processes, and external advocacy activities.


Supporting our Community

Membership of the Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship offers vital support to deaf and hard of hearing people,  the membership contribution aids in building community morale and social inclusion.


Positive Attitude

We are keen to get more people out there talking about hearing loss and what can be done to manage it. We believe this openness will reduce the stigma associated with hearing loss and encourage those who are losing their hearing to be proactive and positive.

We particularly encourage our members and clients to live on the basis that a full life can be led with a hearing impairment, and we expose them to tips, tools and techniques to manage their hearing loss effectively.



$    5.00 - Individual


Cheque, Money Order, Cash

Membership fees are accepted via Direct Deposit, cheque or Money Orders, application forms are available on request via email or phone,  an application form can be mailed out on request.

Catherine Bonnes Scholarship

BSB: 062513

Acc: 00910623

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