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        “Listening In” Project 2009

Brief Overview:


The “Listening In” 2009 project, screening of primary age children (5y to 13y) indigenous & non indigenous within the Broken Hill primary schools, was conducted by the Hearing Centre. Funding for this project was provided through FACES (Australian Communication Exchange), Deafness Foundation of Victoria and the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. Training was provided by Australian Hearing.


A total of 1,153 children within Broken Hill schools were screened (hearing), with a total of 288 children being reviewed (re-screening) six weeks later, from there, 73 children were referred onto a General practitioner and a further 68 being referred to Australian Hearing for a full hearing assessment.


We have been asked by the Principals of schools screened during the 2009, to return each a year after, to screen Kindergarten and new children to the school. This project has assisted not only the child concerned but Principles, teachers and parents to identify any hearing impairment and to accommodate the needs of child. “Listening In” 2009 Final Report


           “Listening In” Project 2010


The beneficiary/target group of our "Listening In" 2010 project is primary school age children-5 to 6 years within Broken Hill schools and 5 to 13 year olds in outer towns, Menindee and Wilcannia, both indigenous and non-indigenous.


This plan would be a continuation of our" Listening In "project 2009. It is essential for a child’s natural growing ability and early development process that a hearing impairment is detected as early as possible.




· To detect hearing problems in children within their first year of schooling

· Impartiality in early intervention program through access and equity



· Continuation of the “Listening In” project in school screening program

· Improve access and equity

· Prevention and early detection of hearing loss

· 100% increase in testing of 5 to 6year olds

· embedding a plan for prevention and early intervention, providing a fair and accessible service



· Continue and develop early intervention program within local schools

· Create effective partnerships with key stakeholders

· Funding for the “Listening In” 2010 Project was received through the Sisters of Charity Foundation


Since January of 2011, Screening has continued only through the Centre, we have not been unable to secure any recurrent funding

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