Bequests, Sponsorship & Donations




To proactively follow the spirit and intent of our mission, we seek funds to pursue the greater vision entrusted to us. Fundraising programs to support our mission, as such the ones noted below, are an important source of funds to help us continue to deliver our services to the community of Broken Hill and surrounding districts.

  • Bequests

  • General fundraising

  • Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship Fund


Making a Bequest

Leaving a charitable bequest in your Will to the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. is an effective way to create a lasting legacy, to provide continuing support to the deaf and hearing impaired people within the community you most care about.

A bequest is a property or a sum of money committed to an organisation and donated upon the donor's death. A bequest can take a variety of forms. Deciding which way you feel is the fairest method of dividing your estate and will determine its format.

Some options include:


1. A percentage bequest - (e.g. I bequeath 20% of my estate to Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc.... ) This will reflect any change in value through inflation or interest as the years progress but does not affect the priority or importance of your bequest.

2. A residual bequest - (e.g. I leave the residue of my estate to the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. This involves leaving the remainder of an estate after friends and family have been provided for through specific gifts.

3. A specific bequest - (e.g, I bequeath my ... to the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. NSW ... ) and could include a stated dollar amount, real estate, shares, proceeds of life insurance policies, annuity or pension, or physical assets: jewellery, artwork, vehicle, furniture...etc.

An alternative bequest - This allows a person or organisation to be nominated as an alternative beneficiary if another named recipient is unable to accept a bequest. This might be particularly relevant if you have not updated your Will for some time and if one of the named beneficiaries has passed away.

The Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. recommends you seek professional advice or the assistance of a solicitor when preparing your will, and thanks you for considering supporting the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. with a bequest.

Need to know more?

If you would like to know more please contact: (08) 8088 6191 or Your enquiry will be handled in the strictest confidence.


General Fundraising- Sponsorship & Tax Deductable gifts

We have benefited from private donations by deaf and hearing impaired individuals within the community and their families not only in the past but on a day to day basis.  Our yearly fundraising includes; raffles, pie drives, chocolate sales, garage sales and photo shoots.

By supporting one of our fundraising efforts, ensures the continuity of our community programs. Fundraising has allowed us to help families within our community, e.g.; young family who have a small child needing a hearing assessment in Adelaide, when Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS) would not fund. Help via financial support was given.

Donations of cash or items may be donated to help with our garage sales or for our raffle prizes.


All monetary donations made to the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. over $2. are tax deductable. Receipt will be issued.


Scholarship Donations or Bequests

Catherine Bonnes AM founded the Hearing Centre in 1986 as a small support group under the banner of Better Hearing. In1990, the Centre was founded as it is today, being Incorporated in the October of 1995.

The Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. is a voluntary based not-for-profit organisation governed by a Committee who support Deaf, hearing impaired people and people with an associated disorder of the ear in Broken Hill and surrounding Districts.

The Hearing Centre fills the gap between the Government Providers and private health professionals, our services are complementary to other allied health services within the Broken Hill and District area. Our services are available free of charge to Deaf, hearing impaired people, people who suffer from associated disorders of the ear, e.g.: Tinnitus/Meniere’s, their families and carers, to help provide a reduction in isolation/ depression caused by hearing loss or associated disorders of the ear.

The Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship has been established by the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc., with the view of assisting Deaf and hearing impaired people to further their education by undertaking post secondary studies.

  The Scholarship consists of financial assistance towards a degree at an accredited Australian university, college of advanced studies or other such institutions deemed appropriate by the Scholarship panel. Recipients of the Scholarship will be known as “Catherine Bonnes AM Scholar”.


The purpose:

  • To provide financial assistance to Deaf/hearing impaired people to assist and improve their participation and access to higher education

  • To Increase education opportunities for Deaf and Hearing impaired students from rural and remote communities, the indigenous community and non-English speaking backgrounds is of particular importance.

We would like to encourage the general public to either bequest or make a donation to the Scholarship Fund. Your donation/bequest will assist us in our endeavour to support young Deaf and hearing impaired people throughout Australia to achieve their educational goals. The Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. will, throughout the year, fundraise specifically to obtain funds to ensure the continuation of the Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship.

For more information regarding the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. and the Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship and Application Form please visit our website at; or contact the Hearing Centre by email: or by phoning the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc. on (08) 8088 2228 or (08) 8088 6191.

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