Main Function of Organization
- Key activities

• Assist people who are deaf, hearing impaired or have an associated disorder of the ear, their families and carers, advocate, support and supply information to help maintain their chosen lifestyle.

• Private counseling for people who suffer with Tinnitus or Meniere's

• Assist people to fill in application forms - Office of Hearing, documentation regarding loss of hearing aids etc

• Minor repairs to hearing aids: clean, re-tube and fit new hooks and supply Hearing aid batteries and deliver to house bound individuals/Nursing homes

• Supply free transport for any member of the community to attend the Centre for an appointment, for either a consultation or with Australian Hearing

• Pick up hearing aids from house bound individuals/ Nursing homes to either repair at the Centre or post on to Adelaide
• Demonstrate and loan out assistive/ alternative listening devices including cry baby alarms, alarm clocks, smoke alarms etc, as well as telephones, TTY's etc which are all designed for the deaf and hearing impaired

• Hold group meeting/social mornings and private consultations to educate people how to use their hearing aids

• Screening (hearing) and reviewing of pre-school and school age children

• Referring of children to their local GP, Australian Hearing and /or speech pathologist

• Visit the Broken Hill Hospital, at the request of Doctors, family and nursing staff to fit alternative listening devices to patients or to repair and fit hearing aids

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