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          Self Help Groups & Organizations


The ACT Deafness Resource Centre is a community organization providing information, referral and advocacy services for the Hearing Impaired and those with chronic disorders of the ear.
Further support is available to the broader ACT community.


Acoustic Neuroma Association of Australia
Self-help non-profit organisation offering support and information to those who have had or are facing treatment for an Acoustic Neuroma.


Australian Tinnitus Association (NSW) Ltd
A non-profit company established in Sydney in Dec-1984. Supported by the South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service. Mission is to provide information, support and counselling to tinnitus sufferers and preventative education to the wider community.


Aussie Deaf Kids


Better Hearing Australia
National Website


Cochlear Implant Club and Advisory Association is a support organisation established in 1984 to provide support through fellowship for implant recipients, their families and friends


Deaf Australia Inc

Deafness Forum of Australia
Peak body for deafness in Australia. Established in early 1993 at the instigation of the Federal Government, the Deafness Forum now represents all interests and viewpoints of the Deaf and hearing impaired


Deaf Sports Australia


International Federation for Hard of Hearing People
Founded in 1977. Registered as a charitable organization at Vereinsregister Amtsgericht
Hamburg, Germany (Nr. 69 VR 10 527) and also an International Non-Governmental Organization having special consultative status with the United Nations.


Lions Hearing Dogs Inc
Provide hearing dogs for hearing impaired people throughout Australia and provide training to recipients.


Media Access Australia
A not-for-profit institution, is Australia's primary media access organisation including captioning and audio description.



Ménière’s Support Group of Victoria Inc
A non-profit organization offering support to people with Ménière’s disease. Includes advice on available options for treatment.


Parent Council for Deaf Education
Parent Council for Deaf Education, also known as PCDE, is a non-profit organization based in NSW dedicated to supporting parents of children who are deaf/hearing impaired.


Parents of the Hearing Impaired of South Australia


The Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc.

Tinnitus Association of Victoria (TAV)
The Tinnitus Association of Victoria (TAV) is a voluntary, non-profit organization that has been helping people with tinnitus for over 20 years.


National Relay Service
The National Relay Service website includes information about the options available to people for its telephone relay service. The NRS call centre is operated by Australian Communication Exchange .



Auslan Signbank is a language resources site for Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Auslan is the language of the deaf community in Australia.


NABS -National Auslan Interpreter Booking Service

NABS is the National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment Service.  NABS is funded by the Australian Government to provide interpreters FREE of charge to people who use sign language to communicate and would like to book an interpreter for private health care appointments.


Parents of Deaf Children (PODC)

formerly Parent Council for Deaf Education (PCDE)

PODC is a non-profit organisation, supporting families with babies, children and teenagers with hearing loss in NSW. The organisation offers a range of information, support and advocacy services for parents and carers, respecting the method or methods of communication that the family has chosen for their child.


Brendan Pearce - Disability Rights Advocate


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                    Government Agencies


Communities and Justice

Services provided

Children, Families and Carers

Housing and Homelessness

Domestic and Family Violence

For Service Providers

Community Inclusion

Access to information



Centrelink is committed to ensuring everyone has access to Centrelink payments and services regardless of their disability, illness, injury, or caring responsibilities
TTY: (02) 1800 810 586
Ph (voice): 1800 555 677 (using National Relay Service)
Services for people with a disability - website:

Better Health Channel  
Established in May 1999 by the Victorian (Australia) Government. Its role is to provide the community with access to online health related information
Better Health Channel =>

Northern Metropolitan Institute of TAFE Centre for Excellence
For students who are Deaf, who have hearing impairment or who are hard of hearing.


Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre

South Australian Cochlear Implant Centre

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Other Services


Australian Caption Media
Provides captioning services for major television networks.


Cochlear Australia
Provides information about implant options designed to help adults and children with hearing loss communicate more easily via cochlear implants (for moderated to profound sensorineural hearing loss) or bone anchored hearing aids (for single-sided deafness).


Bionics Institute
The Bionics Institute of Australia is an independent, not for profit research organisation. 

Research in:

Epilepsy and stroke

Parkinson's disease

Hearing Impairment

Arthritis and Chrohn's disease

Electric Medicine


Media Access Australia
A not-for-profit institution, is Australia's primary media access organization including captioning and audio description.


Telstra Disability Equipment Program
Provides rental equipment to assist the hearing impaired to use their telephone, at no additional cost.

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